Antony Ward

Antony Ward

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First Name * Antony
Last Name * Ward
Username * Anchuvi
Country * United Kingdom
City Leeds
Nationality English
Languages English


Areas of Expertise Games ComputerGames ConsoleGames MobileGames OnlineGraphic Design
Preferred Tools MayaSiloPhotoshopCharactersMEL ScriptMental RayModelingRiggingMud BoxGame


Availability: Freelance
Twitter @antcgi


Thinking about it, digital artwork has dominated over half my life. I started out creating bitmap images on my ZX Spectrum before upgrading to Real 3D on the Amiga 1200, leaving it on over night to render my first reflective sphere. It was during my second year at college when I discovered a passion for games. However, no game development courses existed back then so I spent my time hidden away in my bedroom, thinking up ideas for games which I could create the graphics for.

Completely by chance I saw an advert in a local paper, a games company wanting artists. So, holding my breath I sent off my work and luckily got a job.

So, since 1993 my skills have slowly grown, adapting to ever changing face of the games industry. During that time I have lead teams. trained staff and developed pipelines to streamline the process of creating current and next generation computer and console games.


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